behold the long-awaited sequel to the beloved click4cats...



you start with no cats. you click to get cats. then you spend your cats on cat
attractions to get more cats. keep clicking. keep getting cats.

DOWNLOAD for WINDOWS available below.
maybe you will find new and different bugs in each version. very fun.

known issues:

sometimes cats per second stops being added to cats clicked -
please tell me if/when/how this happens because I haven't figured it out yet.
(if you export save data, restart the game, and import data, it should refresh and work again)

the Very Large Number problem -
addition of Very Large cats per second to cats clicked won't be able to keep up.
cats clicked or cats per second numbers of 10 billion or larger will not load on import. (feel free to edit your save data, it's not meant to be secure)

created for the HONEST JAM

assets reused from click4cats:
art- 6 original cats and 2 frame original title animation
sound- click4cats theme and cat collision meows
gameplay- cat physics and collision

bonus soundtracks from previous games:
catticus theme (2020) - remastered prior to jam
fairylands (catticus the great)
golden victory (catticus the great)
golden victory acapella - remastered prior to jam
cobra chorus (mlem)
bells and thistles (mlem)

all other art, sound effects, scripts, fonts, and click4cats2 theme
were created during the jam

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
TagsCats, Clicker, honestjam, Incremental, Pixel Art


Download 48 MB


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Charming and funny, great game!!


HAHA i love this !  just as addicting as the original cookie clicker. Amazingly well made, great music (Catticus theme !). I hope you had as much fun making this game as me making it!